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Defeat Trump #MorbidlyObeseImpeachedPresidentTrump

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Twitter Web App : America can survive civil war, polio, world war, terrorism and COVID-19.

The one thing America and American democracy cannot survive is one more term of Donald Trump complete with his cabal of corrupt GOP sycophants.

Vote them all out. Or our country dies.

It is that simple.

Twitter Web App : Folks, today we’re launching #League46⚾️ — a next generation coalition ready to make Donald Trump a one-term president. Weve got unlimited capacity to create change — and together, we’re going to transform this country.

Join today:

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Twitter Web App : So much of this could have been prevented if we had a president who listened to someone other than himself.

Twitter Web App : We are months into this crisis, and Donald Trump still doesn't have a comprehensive plan when it comes to COVID-19 or the economy. It's unacceptable. I released a detailed plan laying out what I would do months ago, and have built on it since. Take a look: