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Sprout Social : If all Joe Biden wants to do is hide in his basement, he has no business even running for President.

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Sprout Social : “Education opens the door to prosperity and opportunity.” — Secretary Betsy DeVos

80% of Hispanic families support school choice, and by expanding it, Donald J. Trump has created opportunities for so many children!

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Sprout Social : .Donald J. Trump to criminal cartels:

“Our message is clear, you will not threaten our citizens, you will not poison our children, and you will not infiltrate our borders. We will find you, we will stop you.”

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Sprout Social : Look @ the press holding him accountable asking:
Are you a bigot?
Where’s Hunter?
Do you agree w/ Frederick Douglass & George Washington statues coming down?
If a child is stuck in a bad school why would you deprive the parent of sending them to a better charter school?…

Sprout Social : How disastrous is Joe Biden’s energy agenda?

Ending fossil fuels would destroy millions of jobs, send energy prices through the roof, and enrich our enemies.

We cannot let that happen!

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Sprout Social : Democrat leaders refuse to condemn the senseless destruction of statues like George Washington, Ulysses Grant, Frederick Douglass.

The mob’s latest target? A 9/11 memorial.

Where are Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer?

Total lack of leadership!…

Sprout Social : The American people see it week after week.

While Joe Biden is hiding, Donald J. Trump is leading!

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Sprout Social : We are continuing to fight Democrats’ reckless attacks on the integrity of our elections.

For more on where we are fighting and our victories so far, go to!

Sprout Social : What’s more, California Democrats effectively admitted the Governor had overstepped his legal authority because they had to step in to bail him out.

Democrat Governors should be wary of trying to unilaterally change election laws to fit their partisan agenda.

Sprout Social : We just scored a major victory against Gov. Gavin Newsom’s illegal executive order on California’s elections.

Before our challenge, Democrats planned to automatically send ballots to inactive voters, including people who have moved or died.

Now they are not.

iPhone : Safely reopening schools in the fall must remain our priority. It’s the right thing to do for students. It’s the right thing to do for families. And, it’s the right thing to do for our future.


Sprout Social : “I will never let you down. I will never let Hispanic Americans, or any American down.” -Donald J. Trump

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iPhone : At the request of Congressman Moolenaar, I have approved a major Disaster Declaration to provide more than $43 million in Federal Funds to help the people of the GREAT State of Michigan recover from the recent dam break flooding. I will always stand with Michigan!

Sprout Social : .Donald J. Trump ensured 1.8 million Pennsylvanian jobs were saved with the Paycheck Protection Program.

The business Joe Biden is visiting today received up to $1 million in aid.

Instead of attacking him, Biden should thank President Trump for saving PA Jobs!

Sprout Social : Biden voted for NAFTA then spent decades defending it while 850,000 Americans lost their jobs.

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Sprout Social : With Donald J. Trump’s #USMCA trade deal, we finally replaced the failed policies Joe Biden advocated for:

✅ Nearly 600,000 American jobs

✅ GDP boosted by $235 Billion

✅ Exports to Mexico alone should increase by $14.2 Billion!

Sprout Social : The Left is terrified of Joe Biden coming out of his basement to debate Donald J. Trump.

But if Biden cannot debate, he has no business even running for President. Period!…