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I do push ups for struggling vets. I will never stop.


And, I may or may not have once eaten crayons for another, but I prefer bourbon.

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Twitter Web App : To Kvy_kev and AllAmerican, thank you for helping me find a purpose when I had lost my own.

And, to her, though she will never see this...

I loved you before I knew. I loved you once I did. I loved you through all that happened. And, I love you still.

Twitter Web App : Mourn the fallen.

Mourn those still falling.

Some days, my soul hurts so deeply,

I want it to leave forever.

Drift away,

To seek its solace from me.

But, know some grief will fade,

Only with time.

And so, we wait...


Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1.800.273.8255

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Twitter Web App : Sometimes, I just miss her.

I miss feeling her hand in mine.

I miss standing before her, my forehead resting against hers.

I miss tucking her in when she is tired but I'm not ready.

I miss knowing that no matter how tough I am, it begins & ends with her.

I miss...

Twitter Web App : Some days, there are no easy answers.

Some days, there are no answers at all.

And, those are the times when just holding on & pushing through matters most.


Maybe tomorrow will reveal things today kept hidden.


Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1.800.273.8255

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Twitter Web App : my name is no. So, when I originally began writing what may someday become a book, I had entitled it "When Wolves Falter".

Now, because of you, I am tempted to change the title to:

"If There is a Butthole, I'll Find It.

Lessons from a Lifetime of Fucking Myself."